Who we are

We are the creators of the ReFit Food brand

"Our company, with over 50 years of history , produces mixes for the food sector; preparations for gnocchi, croquettes, bechamel, soups, veloutés and much more.

The desire to develop ourselves with new products for a younger market is leading us towards a new professional challenge.

In the last period we have created new products dedicated to customers who are looking for solutions to improve their health and psycho-physical well-being .

This is how ReFit Food was born, our new and ambitious project that combines craftsmanship , which has always distinguished us, and innovation ; a combination that led to the creation of ours


ReFit Food is committed to offering its customers top quality products , designed and created to meet all needs. The high protein intake and the naturalness of our ingredients is a key point for our philosophy, which always has the goodness of the products and care for customers as priority.